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CP Pistons 360 SBC Dome Sprint S1347

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Bore : 4.050 in.

Piston Style: Dome, with two valve reliefs

Compression Distance: 1.250 in.

Dome Height:  0.600 in.

Pin Diameter: 0.927 in.

Piston Ring Thickness: 1.50mm x 1.50mm x 3.00mm

Notes: Designed for Brodix spec head. Supplied with wire locks.

Set of 8


CP Pistons 360 SBC Sprint pistons are balanced to +/-1 gram. CP Pistons 360 SBC Sprint pistons are designed for backcut rings and Brodix Spec heads. These 360 SBC Sprint pistons have accumulator and anti-detonation grooves, custom skirt cam and barrel shapes, pick lock grooves for easy lock removal, dedicated left and right hand forging, and they are fully CNC-machined. Also included are chamfered pins and wire locks.


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Additional Info

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