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CP Pistons 350 Chevy Flat Top X-Style S1830

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Bore : 4.030 in.

Piston Style: Flat top, with two valve reliefs

Compression Distance: 1.250 in.

Pin Diameter: 0.927 in.

Piston Ring Thickness: 0.043 in. x 0.043 in. x 3.00mm

Notes: Supplied with wire locks. .010 deck clearance with 3.480 stroke.

Set of 8


Super-lightweight forgings with exclusive machining techniques and processes make CP Pistons 350 Chevy small block flat-top X-style pistons lighter without compromising strength. These aluminum X-style 350 Chevy pistons are designed for shorter wrist pins, adding strength and weight savings. Constant pressure grooves keep the gas ports clear of carbon buildup and accumulator grooves collect excess blowby, while anti-detonation grooves limit piston cylinder contact during high-temperature and rpm conditions. CP Pistons 350 Chevy small block flat-top X-style pistons include chamfered pins and wire locks, plus their durable, optimum skirt shape offers tighter clearances, less noise, a better ring seal, and more power! Pistons are available in a 2-barrel design for late model stock Chevys, milled heads, and heavy-duty applications. 


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