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Dailey 3 Stage Wet Vac Oil Pump 02-99-1196-3

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This Dailey Engineering 3 stage wet vac offers the best combination of oil pump designs to create the most efficient package available. The spur gear design does not cavitate at speeds below 5000 rpm allowing a constant oil pressure down the track. The large crankcase vacuum created from this pump is due to a 2 lobe roots style rotor. Combined with the low friction design of this wet vac oil pump, only 3 hp of pumping energy is used which frees up 5-7 hp of crankshaft power compared to other pumps.

This pump is standard equipment on our record setting engines!

Features include:

1.700" scavenge rotors

.80" pressure gears

-10 scavenge inlet fittings

-16 scavenge outlet fittings

-16 pressure inlet fitting

-10 pressure outlet fitting

Options include:

1.20" or 1.00" pressure gears

-12 pressure inlet fitting

-12 pressure outlet fitting

**If this pump does not work for you call us today to get what you need. We offer many different options for pumps!


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