Brodix SR 20 Series Cylinder Heads/20° 2208000 (pr)

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The Brodix SR 20 Series cylinder head is at the cutting edge of conventional Big Block Chevy compatible technology. This new offering raises the bar to a level that is unreachable by the competition! Inspired by TPSA technology, the SR 20 Series surpasses any other head in its class by leaps and bounds. Utilizing a .500'' raised 440cc intake port with a 2.400'' intake valve, this head flows an unheard of 507 cfm. The exhaust port flows an amazing 335 cfm through only a 1.800'' valve. To allow for the newly designed 95cc combustion chamber, the intake valve angle of this head has been rolled to 20-degrees. This head requires pistons, valve covers, head studs, shaft rockers, and an intake manifold designed specifically for the SR 20 series cylinder head. As always, these heads come standard with all the fine qualities that only Brodix has to offer. Every casting is poured from A-356 virgin aluminum and tested before Brodix utilizes their in-house processes such as finish machining and heat treating to assure that you receive the best products for your hard-earned money. The industry standard has been taken to the next level with modernized CNC porting. Other features include a thick deck surface that is compatible with nitrous, drilled and tapped holes on the ends for standard drive accessories, phosphorous bronze valve guides and hardened valve seats installed for unleaded fuel. Sold as pair. Made in the USA!

Cylinder Head Specifications

  • Intake Port Volume: 440cc
  • Combustion Chamber Volume: 95cc
  • Valve Sizes: 2.400'' Intake / 1.800'' Exhaust ( 11/32'' Stem Diameter )
  • Spark Plug Configuration: Angled

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Additional Info

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