Patterson Elite

Super Stock Engines 265/283/305/327/350

Starting at $38,000

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With a Patterson Elite Super Stock engine you will have the power and consistency to go rounds from the top side of the ladder. Our Super Stock engines are the best route to contending for and dominating your class when it's time for class eliminations. Just ask David Rampy, Tracy Cassil, John Stock, Norm Marsden or Larry Schmidt. All of our engines are assembled using the finest parts available to make them look and run the best. Call us today to find out more about the horsepower/torque of the combo that you need!

Major Components included:

Option1: ($38,000)

Cylinder Heads: Ported Steel Heads To Class Specs
Intake Manifold: Ported Edelbrock Victor
Carburetor: Determined by class specs
Carb Spacer: Patterson CNC Quadra Jet
Block: GM CNC 4 Bolt Bow-Tie Complete Machined
Crankshaft: 4340 3.265 Stroke Forged
Engine Bearings: ACL/Clevite Coated
Dampner: ATI Super
Timing Pointer: ATI
Connecting Rods: Manley SS NHRA Approved
Camshaft: Bullet
Rocker Arms: Jesel
Valves: Ferrea Hollow Stem
Valve Covers: Custom Light Weight Powder Coated
Racing Valve Springs & Hardware: Pac
Lifters: Jesel
Belt Drive: Jesel
Wrist Pins: Trend H-13 Coated
Pushrods: Trend Custom Double Taper
Pistons: Custom Machined by Patterson Racing
Piston Rings: .6mm/.7mm Total Seal Diamond Finished
Oil Pump: Stef’s Custom
Oil Pan: Stef’s Custom
Vacuum Kit: Patterson PRP-137 PVC
Head Gaskets: Fel-Pro MLS
Head Studs: ARP
Main Studs: ARP
Dampner Bolt: ARP
Oil Pan Gaskets: Fel-Pro
Break-In Oil: Gibbs Driven
Oil Filter: K&N
 Distributor: MSD Rear Drive
 Plug Wires: MSD
 Crank Trigger: MSD
Rottler Diamond Honed

Option 2
Add $3500 to Option 1 making engine $41,500 which includes:
Keyway Lifters: Jesel
Crank: Winberg Ultra Light

Option 3
Add $6000 to Option 1 making engine $44,000 which includes:
Keyway Lifters: Jesel
Crank: Winberg Ultra Light
Cam Option: Custom Jesel/Bullet Clamshell

 Starting at $38,000.00

Final price determined by engine accessories needed for specific classes.  Call for details and pricing: 316-775-7771




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