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Holley Dominator EFI ECU 554-114

HOLLEY DOMINATOR EFI ECU •THIS IS FOR THE DOMINATOR EFI ECU ONLY. Dominator EFI systems are sold “Build to Order”. The following must be purchased for a complete system: ECU (includes software and programming cable), Wideband Oxygen...
Patterson Elite

427 C.I. COPO Stocker Engine

Major Components: • Cylinder Heads: GM 12578450 • Intake Manifold: Holley EFI• Block: GM 19213580 custom sleeved• Crankshaft: Compstar LS 4.000 stroke• Connecting Rods: Callies Compstar• Camshaft: Bullet ground to class...

HOLLEY HP EFI ECU & Harness Kits LS1 & LS6 550-602

HOLLEY HP EFI ECU & Harness Kits Holley HP EFI systems are equipped with 4 programmable inputs and 4 programmable outputs that are ideal for most vehicles with a single power adder. This feature allows the user to configure the system to support a...
Patterson Elite

396 C.I. COPO Engine

396/710HP   Major Components: Cylinder Heads: GM LS3  12629063Intake Manifold: Holley EPI - 300-125Block: GM 12621766Crankshaft: CompstarConnecting Rods: CompstarCamshaft: Bullet ground to class specificationsRocker Arms: GM upgraded by...