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B&B Valve Spring Height Micrometer

B&B Valve Spring Heigh Mic is by far the fastest and most accurate way to measure valve spring installed height. Great for those between run spring changes. Two sizes are available to fit most...

Stef's Oil Breather Overflow Tank 5115

These 3'' diameter tanks from Stef's were designed for external dry sump tank breathers or wet sump vent system. Includes a universal slotted mounting bracket, -10AN vent line, drain valve and...

Stef's Lifter Valley Vents 7220

These anodized aluminum lifter valley vents for small block Chevy's offer positive crank case ventilation to the upper engine. Eliminates lifter valley oil drain-through to the crankshaft and...

Stef's Oil Restrictors

Stef's stainless thread in Oil Restrictors with inverted hex are a necessity for late Bowtie blocks, Rocket Olds, Merlins, and BBC because they install flush with the back of the block. These...