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Patterson Elite

496 Chevy Big Block Engine

Major Components: Cylinder Heads: Dart 308 cc Iron Eagle Assembly Intake Manifold: Dart Cast Aluminum Carburetor: Quick Fuel Block: Dart Big 'M' Sportsman 31273354 Crankshaft: Scat 4340...
Patterson Elite

Splayed Valve Two Carb Engine

Major Components: Cylinder Heads: GM Splayed O759 Intake Manifold: 7729 Dual Dominator Carburetor: Braswell Block: Mid Deck U198-11 Crankshaft: Sonny 1420 bob Connecting Rods: GRP 28458 5.690...
Patterson Elite

408 13° Small Block Engines

408/815HP   Major Components •Cylinder Heads: 13° Pro-Filer•Intake Manifold: Brodix Single Plane•Carburetor: Determined by class specs•Block: Dart Little M, DIAMOND...
Patterson Elite

Affordable Series 383

  Wanting a performing, reliable small block?  Patterson’s 383 will give you what you are looking for!  Well suited for a wide variety of uses such as Street, Strip, Mud Drag,...
Patterson Elite

Carb Spacers 4150 x 1.5" PEP-104

from $245.00
Patterson Elite's own CNC Machined Aluminum Carb Spacer. The cheapest bolt on horsepower you’ll buy!  Proven horse power gains on the dyno and track. American made. 4150 x 1.5" 4...
Patterson Elite

Burst Panels 107

from $69.99
PR-107 Small Burst Panel PR-108 Large Burst Panel **PR-107 is shown in picture**