National Dragster Issue #38

I’m sure most all NHRA fans have one main thing in common and that is they can’t wait to receive the latest issue of National Dragster. It’s for sure the case here when it comes in the mail. We love to read all the highlights from the races and see what’s new. We love even more when we open it up and see our customer’s on the pages! Here are a few things that caught our interest in the latest Issue #38:

  • In the Bits form the Pits section the Fast Five is with David Rampy. If you are as much of a Rampy fan as we are then you know that he is close to catching up with Pro Stock great Bob Glidden’s overall wins. David picked up his 82nd win at the Fall Nationals in Dallas putting him only 3 wins away for the tie. Make sure and read his interview on page 10!
  • Then there is the Patterson Powered COMP final at the Fall National’s in Dallas between Joey Tanksley with his 333 CI 10° Wedge Dual 4 Patterson Power Plant & David Rampy’s 323 CI SB-2 Single 4 Patterson Power Plant. Read the highlights of that story starting on page 56!
  • Finally, if you look at the Super Stock win page under Fast Facts it says, “Todd Patterson was the low qualifier in Stock and Super Stock. Patterson also made one of the quickest runs in the history of Super Stock with an 8.017 in round one!” ~Not too shabby!!