14th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals

Jason DeForrest, Patterson Warehouse and machining customer, won Super Stock. This was his first ever National Event win. He was driving a 2005 Cavalier at 9.399 E.T., 134 MPH.

Congratulations Jason!


Jim White is the Division 5 Top Sportsman 2014 Champion. He is also a Patterson Warehouse and machining customer. Congratulations Jim!

Todd Patterson, in the Omaha Track 2010 Cobalt 400 C.I., was Runner Up and #1 Qualifier in Competition Eliminator. He qualified with an E.T. of 7.96 at 172 MPH. He has 12 national event wins and has runnered-up 14 times.


Ryan Montford, driving the Omaha Track 2013 COPO Camaro 427, won the BB/SA Class Stock Eliminator with an E.T of 9.40 at 115 MPH. He won against teammate Todd Patterson driving the Omaha Track 2014 CRC Camaro 427 with an E.T. of 9.36.